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When a police officer pulls me over and asks if I had been drinking, how should I answer him?
By law, an individual is not required to answer any questions that could incriminate them. An individual is allowed to ask to speak with an attorney before answering any questions. If you do state that you have been drinking, you are putting yourself in a dangerous position.
What patterns do police look for when searching out intoxicated drivers on the road?
What physical and behavioral symptoms does an officer look for when he first pulls me over?
Do I have a right to an attorney while taking a field sobriety test?
If a police officer asks me to take a field sobriety test, what should I do?
When a police officer asks me to follow a penlight what does he look for?
What would happen if I refused to take the chemical test?
If I am not advised of my Miranda warning by the officer, can my case be dismissed?
Am I allowed to represent myself during proceedings? How does retaining an attorney help me?
What are the penalties for driving while intoxicated?
What is it meant by a rising BAC defense?
What is it meant by mouth alcohol?
What types of defense options do I have for my DUI case?
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