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DUI Probation Violations
Probation The Consequences of DUI Probation Violation

Some people convicted of DUI (driving under the influence) are sentenced to DUI probation, a criminal penalty that is an alternative to serving prison time.

A common misconception regarding DUI probation is that it is a matter of right, for which it is not. Whether a court grants you DUI probation is solely the court's decision. If granted DUI probation, there oftentimes are various conditions to your probation.

DUI Probation Conditions

Stipulations of DUI probation vary state to state, but most DUI probationers are required to periodically check in with a DUI probation officer and follow a strict code of behavior to avoid being sentenced to penalties that are more serious.

DUI probation conditions may include:
  • wearing an alcohol-monitoring device;
  • submitting to random sobriety tests;
  • limiting driving privileges;
  • paying court costs or fees as ordered;
  • avoiding any major moving violations or criminal violations;
  • attending alcohol counseling; and/or
  • submitting to alcohol evaluations.
DUI Probation Violations

Remember that when you were sentenced to DUI probation, it was an alternative to the judge sentencing you to prison or jail time. There may be serious consequences if you happen to violate DUI probation.

Consequences can vary in severity, but may include incarceration for the remainder of the probation time, loss of driving privileges, extension of the probation period, fines and/or mandatory community service.

If you have violated conditions of your DUI probation sentence, a DUI lawyer may be able to help reduce the severity of your punishment.

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