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DUI Attorney
Lawyer Trust a qualified professional.

If you are charged with a Driving or Boating Under the Influence (DUI/BUI) offense trust a qualified professional. The Florida DUI Team has over ninety (90) years of combined experience handling criminal cases. The Team is formally trained in the art of DUI defense. Properly defending a DUI case, requires employing a former DUI law enforcement officer as your licensed investigator to assist us with your defense. Our investigation begins with a survey of the scene, to include photographs and video surveillance of the area, to review the basis for the alleged traffic stop through the breathalyzer results. We throughly review the breath test operator’s log in effort to determine whether the breathalyzer machine was functioning properly. We speak to all necessary and vital witnesses in your case to include; lay witnesses, law enforcement officers, doctors, and expert witnesses (if necessary) After a thorough and competent investigation of your case we review all of your evidence with you and together we develop a legal plan of attack (“Battle Plan”) for your particular case.

Important issues to consider in your defense:
  • Whether the law enforcement officer had probable cause to stop your vehicle.
  • Your performance on the Field Sobriety Exercises. (Most Likely Captured on Videotape)
  • Whether the law enforcement officer properly read the instructions to you.
  • Your surrounding area, to include your physical attributes and prior injuries.
  • Whether the officer issued a Miranda Warning to you before you made a statement.
  • The Breathalyzer machine log and reports.
  • The results of the Breathalyzer reading in your case.
  • Conflicts in the evidence.
These and other factors are utilized by both the Defense and the Prosecution to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your case. After we gather all of the evidence, we develop a battle plan tailored to your particular case and facts.

Why Choose a Qualified Attorney?

A DUI conviction can be a devastating experience. A conviction can cause you to lose your freedom of mobility and drastically affect your ability to earn an income.

Even a first time conviction in the State of Florida carries a six (6) month loss of your driving privileges, a year probation, up to a $1,000.00 dollar fine, DUI School, alcohol evaluation and treatment, a victim impact panel and a 10 (ten) day vehicle immobilization.

It is important to note that in a DUI case, the DHSMV and the criminal court are prosecuting you simultaneously and are trying to take away your license to operate a motor vehicle. Administratively, the DHSMV is seeking to suspend your license just because you were arrested for a DUI offense, while the criminal court is seeking to suspend your license as a result of a DUI conviction.

If you retain us within the first ten (10) days of your arrest, we will represent you at your DHSMV hearing in effort to retain your drivers license. The Team of OHLE & OHLE will zealously defend you throughout every stage of the DHSMV and criminal proceedings. The Team has tried several hundred cases and look forward to successfully resolving your case. Upon preparing a battle plan together we will strive to obtain your desired results. If it is necessary, we will work with the State Attorney’s office in effort to reduce your case to a reckless or careless driving in lieu of trial.
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